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Learn more about past Willamette West Habitat for Humanity neighborhoods in Aloha, Beaverton, and Hillsboro



Row Houses at Allen Estates in BeavertonAllen Estates is a property that was, literally, right in our own backyard. Our largest neighborhood to date, it is located just a short block away from both Leadership Row and Huntting Park, the addition of Allen Estates to our portfolio solidified our presence in Beaverton with a total of 34 single-family homes located in an area heavily populated with apartments. Much like BraunerBrook in Hillsboro, Allen Estates was shovel ready with all the utilities and streets in place. To make the property even more attractive, a development design and plan from the former property owner was already approved by the City of Beaverton. The Allen Estates neighborhood looks different from past neighborhoods because it is a series of townhouse-style homes, grouped in 3-, 4-, or 5-homes per building. Due to city parking regulations, it will also be our first homes with garages. Because of the unique nature of the neighborhood, the buildings will be a combination of 2-story and 3-story homes and there will be some green space and playground equipment on both sides of the street.  Allen Estates is home to 24 families. 



Single story house at Brauner Brook neighborhood in HillsboroBraunerBrook is named in appreciation of Ed and Ellen Brauner’s long time service on the Board and Committees.  On February 13th 2010 the Hillsboro Fire Department had training exercises on a building that needed to be removed before development could start on the property. The four new recruits were 2-1/2 months into a 12-month probation when they participated in the burn-to- learn and had demonstrated proficiency in a number of Firefighter 1 tasks. It is also home to a 1-story, accessible home that was designed for the unique requirements of the future homeowner. The home was prominently featured in Oregon Home Magazine and is notable for being a Blitz Build home. That's where we start framing on day one and the homeowner moves into the completed home on day seven. 



Single Family house at Huntting Park neighborhood in BeavertonHuntting Park is a .66 acre parcel originally known as ‘Barnes Acres.’ The land, owned by George Stall, at one time held his family home. The house was lost in a fire several years earlier, and George, who was a supporter of Willamette West Habitat, wanted to sell the land to us below market value to honor his deceased wife. George ended up selling the property to the City of Beaverton in 2006. Over the next few years, Beaverton allocated $584,600 in HOME funding (a grant program of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) to Willamette West Habitat for Humanity for land purchase and infrastructure work. When choosing a name for the neighborhood the board unanimously agreed to name it Huntting Park after the Huntting family who have supported Willamette West both financially and as volunteers for many years. Our Huntting Park neighborhood has five homes:  a 2-bedroom home, a 3-bedroom home and three 4-bedroom homes. All homes are Energy Star certified Platinum.  



Duplex's at the Ramble Glen neighborhood in BeavertonLocated at 185th and Deloris Lane, Ramble Glen is our first full neighborhood of energy efficient homes.  Earth Advantage Certified Homes use a variety of special features and techniques to save at least 15% more energy compared to a home build to code.  EnergyTrust of Oregon estimates our homeowners will save an average of $598 annually on energy costs.



Single family detached homes at the Vance Place neighborhood in BeavertonBack in the late 1990’s, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) purchased several properties from private homeowners along SW Farmington Road because of an upcoming widening project. Once the project was done, they had some surplus land they sold to us. We purchased 1.31 acres on Farmington and 160th in 2002 with help from the 2003 HOME Investment Partnership program administered by Washington County. Vance Place is named in honor of Al Vance, who was involved with Willamette West Habitat for more than 20 years and worked on nearly every house we built. Al passed away at the age of 87 and true to his nature was working at the Vance Place neighborhood right until the end.  



Single family detached houses at the Lawson Place neighborhood in Beaverton.Named in honor of the late Rev. Gary Lawson, long-time Habitat supporter and minister at Calvin Presbyterian Church, Lawson Place is home to five families. A groundbreaking ceremony was held Sunday, April 29, 2007, with members of the Lawson family and the Calvin Presbyterian Church Choir. Infrastructure, including the street and underground utilities, was completed in 2007 and all homes were sold in 2008.  One homeowner later added an upstairs deck, doesn't that look nice. 



Single story house in the Lindsay Lane neighborhood in HillsboroLindsay Lane is named in honor of the late Bill Lindsay, a Presbyterian pastor and one of the founders of the Willamette West affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. Lindsay Lane was our largest construction site to date, with houses for 19 families - including a one-story accessible home, a community garden, and a playground & basketball court. It took the longest time to build, over three years, finally being completed in 2007. This neighborhood is home to our 25th house, which was paid for solely by mortgage payments from previous homeowners. Thanks to a generous donation from a local family, a new play structure was installed in 2018.



a row of single family detached homes in our Leadership Row neighborhood in BeavertonNamed in honor of the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class of 1999, Leadership Row is home to 5 families. It was our first Habitat project within the Beaverton City Limits. The land for this development was donated by the City of Beaverton and the funds for the first home were raised by the Beaverton Chamber Leadership Class of 1999. Many thanks to former Mayor Rob Drake and his staff for their stewardship of this valuable land donation. 



Triplexes in Hillsboro in the Cornerstone neighborhoodThe Cornerstone Condominiums are comprised of two triplexes housing six families.  At this point Willamette West board members made the decision to build higher density neighborhoods due to the high cost of land, but buildings larger than duplexes have different building codes. Volunteers had a steep learning curve before beginning construction. A groundbreaking was held the third week of October 2000 and all six homes were sold to homeowners in January 2002.



Two duplexes with a shared courtyard in HillsboroMillenium Square is two duplexes with a shared courtyard in old town Hillsboro and was so named by the four families who were about to become homeowners, mainly because the homes were the first we completed in the new millenium! At this point, the cost for 'sticks and bricks' to build a home ran $36,000. The neighborhood was dedicated on June 25, 2000.



Single Family homes in the Samaritan Court neighborhood in Aloha.In 1994, the Jeffrey family offered to donate the land behind their house in Aloha to us.  When more land adjacent to the development became available, Willamette West purchased it and six more homes were built. The development was completed in 1998 and is home to ten families. One Samaritan Court home was paid for with funds from the Oprah Winfrey Angel Network - Oprah committed to sponsoring homes in all 205 markets in the U.S. her show aired in.  Samaritan Court was a turning point in our development: we learned how to obtain grants and loans, we learned how to think in terms of $100,000 increments instead of $10,000 ones, we learned how to have multiple houses under construction.  The company we are today was born on Samaritan Court.


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