women of all ages, and their male allies gather in front of a Habitat home to celebrate a successful fundraiser.

Women Build


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Women Build: Step Forward

At Willamette West Habitat for Humanity, we believe that women of all ages build great things. Willamette West’s Women Build program is a fun, unique, and impact-driven opportunity that empowers women (and their male allies) from all walks of life, of all different ages, backgrounds, skill levels, and industries to come together, address the housing crisis in Washington county, and build a stronger community.    

Women Build is an opportunity for you to volunteer, donate, and empower women to bring their strengths to a Habitat construction site and build a stronger community. Together we will take a step forward and help families partnering with Willamette West achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.  


step (noun: an advance or movement made by raising the foot and bringing it down elsewhere)

forward (verb: help to advance)


Why Women Build?

Women are amazing.  Women can accomplish whatever needs to be done. Women can fill any role and rise to any challenge.  Oftentimes, these actions go unseen. Our Women Build program provides an opportunity for women of all levels of construction experience (none needed!) to join other women and their allies at our Denney Gardens build site in Beaverton. This environment will encourage a step forward to learn, practice and use skills that directly contribute to providing stable and affordable housing for Washington County families. With this, everyone will have the opportunity to reset their comfort zone. When your shift on our construction site has ended, you'll take with you a successful transformation from I'll try to I can!


ally (noun: a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle)


Here’s one of our favorite quotes from an ally: “When I was 8 yrs old, my Yoda-like dad taught me to ‘Hold doors for women--not because they can't do it themselves, but because it gives YOU something to do while they pass you. Don't keep women behind you in the world. It's their turn to go ahead.’ I think about that a lot.”

We invite all of our allies to support the women in your lives as they step forward with Willamette West Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Program! Without the effort and dedication of our powerful women and every ally that supports them, the work we do for the families in the Habitat program wouldn’t be possible. 


Volunteering will be LOADS of fun!

 Each shift is 1/2 day, so you choose AM or PM.  Volunteers under the age of 16 are not allowed on an active construction site so we have other activities youth may participate in.

We’ll be serving the appropriate snacks & beverages and both shifts will gather from 11:45am - 12:30pm to have lunch together.  

You’ll even get a souvenir Willamette West Habitat T-shirt to wear and maybe some other surprises that day, too.  


Sponsorships provide funding to build a home

In order to build homes, funds are needed to purchase the 'sticks and bricks' volunteers build with. Companies may sponsor a day, a team, or simply make a gift in honor of women build efforts. For sponsorship information, view our corporate sponsor flyer or contact our Women Build chairwoman Nanette directly. 

Please consider, if you’re able, making a personal donation or raising funds to help us reach the $40,000 we’re committed to raise towards the cost of the materials used to build our homes. Any amount will help us reach our goal!  If you have a special purpose for your donation, please let us know and designate Supporting Women Build efforts as your program designation.

*Sponsors and those who fund raise will receive first choice of volunteer day; others will be subject to space availability.


2020 Women Build Supporters:

Schneider Electric

  • OH Planning + Design, Architecture
  • Bank of America

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